AISI 634 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition, Grades, Tables and Document

AISI 634 is a precipitation-hardened, martensitic stainless steel of the type, which is distinguished by the combination of its strength and corrosion resistance. Its main elements, provided by the Cr, Ni, Mo, and Cu chemical composition, are responsible for its outstanding features. The grades generally available under the AISI 634 rating have varied percentages of these alloys, and designs carefully made for the different industries. The chemical composition of different grades is presented in tables along with information on alloy fraction and mechanical characteristics like tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation to give a better idea on the processing of steel. Intricate documents and specifications from the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) provide very comprehensive insights on the traits, manufacturing and applications of AISI 634 stainless steel being able to boast of high performance in different engineering scenarios.

AISI 634 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

AISI 634 is defined as a precipitation hardening stainless steel that have a high level of corrosion resitance. Commonly, its chemical composition consists of chromium, nickel, copper, and molybdenum. Designing the resin components follows precise rules. This results in a material with impressive strength and long-lasting power. AISS 634 has reputable flexibility, and it can be useful in applications that include aerospace, chemical processing, and marine engineering industries. The high corrosion resistance and the good mechanical properties of AISI 634 makes this steel grade a premium quality one, because of this the high reliability and durability of this product is guaranteed even in severe conditions.

AISI 634 Stainless Steel
Elements C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo N
Min (%) 0.07 - 0.50 - - 15.0 4 2.50 0.07
Max (%) 0.11 0.50 1.25 0.04 0.03 16.0 5.00 3.25 0.13

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