UNS C71580 Copper Nickel Chemical Composition Properties, Grade, Table and Online Pdf

UNS C71580, copper-nickel alloy forms, that provide very good corrosion resistance in seawater and brine, the location where it is often used, is a unique property for marine based applications. Nickel contains about 30% of the total content with other 70% copper, giving this alloy both great strength and endurance, together with remarkable thermal conductivity. The 70/30 nickel-copper alloy, which is usually the one that is used, displays outstanding anti-fouling and erosion-resistance properties. It is, therefore, the metal of choice for heat exchangers, condensers and piping systems in marine and offshore industries. The Grade B designation, which is a superior resistance to impingement corrosion and stress corrosion cracking compared to Grade A alloys, indicates its enhanced characteristics. You can access all the chemical composition and property information in the online resources and PDF files available from the authoritative Metallurgy sources.

UNS C71580 Copper Chemical Composition And Grade Table

UNS C71580, otherwise known as copper-nickel, is a multifunctional alloy, which is celebrated due to its exceptional corrosion resistance, which is the highest in marine environment. Since it is a mixture of copper (70%) and nickel (30%), it demonstrates enhanced mechanical properties over pure copper which includes high strength and ductility. Such chemical composition also contains trace of the elements like iron and manganese which play an important role in fuel combustion. Not only does it exhibit great ability to resist being worn by water and bacterial settlement, but UNS C71580 is opted by most of the industries like ship-building, offshore structures and seawater desalination plants, thus it is highly demanded.

UNS C71580 Copper Composition Table
Elements Cu Pb Zn Fe Ni C Mn
Min (%) - - - - 29.0 - -
Max (%) Rem 0.05 0.05 0.50 33.0 0.07 0.30

The Advantages and Disadvantages of UNS C71580 Copper Material Properties, C71580 Properties


  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance: The UNS C71580 copper ensures an outstanding protection against seawater corrosion and is therefore recommended for marine applications.

  • High Thermal Conductivity: The C71580 copper does weaken the breakdown of heat which in turn it goes well with the heat exchangers and the cooling systems.

  • Good Strength and Ductility: C71580 has developed good mechanical properties that unite the high strength and ductility for easy shaping processes and fabrication.

  • Biocompatibility: Copper naturally has good biocompatibility; therefore, UNS C71580 in medical applications like implants or surgical instruments is connected well.

  • Ease of Joining: C71580 copper offers convenient welding, brazing, and soldering because it facilitates simple joining methods in manufacturing and construction processes.


  • Cost: Copper, including UNS C71580, is often more expensive than other materials, so the price of projects and products may increase depending on the use of copper.

  • Susceptibility to Dezincification: In particular, copper exposed to environmentally high-chloride waters is prone to dezincification and hence poor mechanical properties and potential failure.

  • Low Strength at Elevated Temperatures: Copper of C71580 grade is strong at room temperature, but it weakens appreciably at increased temperatures, thus restricting its applications at high temperatures.

  • Surface Oxidation: Copper is prone to surface oxidation over time, which could adversely impact its look and require regular maintenance to keep its appearance from fading.

  • Limited Availability in Large Sizes: In cases of larger gauges of UNS C71580 copper materials, the limited availability of the standard sizes may offer obstacles in specific applications requiring special dimensions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is chemical composition of UNS C71580 Copper Nickel?

The alloy copper-nickel often includes about 70% of copper, 30% of nickel and remaining 0-1% or even less of the remaining elements such as iron and manganese.

What are the mechanical properties of the alloy UNS C71580 Copper Nickel?

The mechanical properties of UNS C71580 Copper Nickel include strength, ductility as well as outstanding anti-erosion and anti-corrosion protection.

What makes UNS C71580 resist corrosion?

UNS C71580 Nickel Copper has excellent resistance to corrosion, particularly in the marine environment because of the protective oxide layer that naturally forms on its surface.

Is UNS C71580 Copper Nickel alloyed to a particular grade?

Yes, UNS C71580 Copper Nickel is regularly used in standards such as ASTM B466 and DIN 2. 0872, Manufacturing Drawings and a General Specification.