AISI 1145 Carbon Steel Chemical Composition & Properties, Grades, Tables and Online Pdf

AISI 1145 can be classified as a Medium carbon steel and has an outstanding weldability and formability. The chemical composition of the nano particles generally includes elements like carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and other minor components. It comprises nominal carbon content of 0.45% which results in sufficient shearing strength, but it still retains machinability due to its granular fracture. AISI 4343 is suitable for a host of industries including automotive, construction and manufacturing thanks to its versatility and competitiveness. Attributes include great plasticity, good corrosion resistance as well as the possibility of manipulation of cold sorting processes. Dedicated tables, chart and PDF documents with grades, chemical composition, mechanical properties, and application purposes are accessible online, thus providing professionals with practical data for engineers, researchers, and manufacturers.

AISI 1145 Carbon Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

AISI 1145 carbon steel is a low carbon, manganese-provided steel usually good on machine ability and weldability. The chemical makeup of the material is generally defined by the amount of carbon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur that are close to 0.42-0.48%, 0.60-0.90% and 0.040%-0.050% respectively. This steel grade is applicable in the cases where one needs to apply multifunctionality, relatively high strength, and decent hardness on the surface. AISI 1145 possesses a decent formability which is associated with its easy weldability. Hence, it works with different types of manufacturing operations. Mostly it is employed as a substance in making components that are used for machinery, vehicles, and construction materials because it is formed of balanced properties and it is affordable.

AISI 1145 Carbon Steel Composition Table
Elements Manganese, Mn Carbon, C Silicon, Si Copper, Cu Nickel, Ni Sulfur, S Phosphorous, P Chromium, Cr Arsenic, As Aluminum, Al Iron, Fe
Min (%) - - - - - - - - - - -
Max (%) 0.69 0.44 0.2 0.06 0.04 0.038 0.037 0.03 0.024 0.006 Balance

Advantages and Disadvantages of AISI 1145 Carbon Steel


  • Versatile: Used in various production types across industries.

  • Good machinability: Easily cast and molded into intricate forms.

  • Cost-effective: Inexpensive relative to materials with similar characteristics.

  • Weldable: Can be welded effortlessly using recommended methods.


  • Lower strength: Relatively weaker compared to other carbon steels.

  • Susceptible to corrosion: Prone to rust and corrosion if not protected.

  • Limited hardenability: Not as heat treatable as some other steels.

  • Lower wear resistance: May deteriorate faster in abrasive environments.

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