AISI 632 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition & Properties, Grade, Table and Online Pdf

AISI 632 stainless steel, which is universally known as Grade 632 or 17-4PH steels, has an iron, chromium, nickel and copper composition as the main elements. Unlike carbon and low-alloy steels that typically contain around 15-17.5% of chromium, 3-5% copper and smaller elements, such as nickel, it is austenitic. Being at this grade, this material has an outstanding corrosion resistance property as well as superior mechanical properties such as strength and toughness, therefore, it suits well for different applications like aerospace, petrochemical, and medical. Its attributes include good formability, ability to heat treat, and resistance to the stress anammox process. Unlike some of properties which are known in tables available in online PDFs, which physically processes need some considerations because of chemical composition and properties. You should consider more from material data sheets from steel manufacturers as well as engineering databases. These resources are the source of reliable data which play a chief role in making important choices regarding material selection and engineering design.

AISI 632 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

AISI 632 (also called 17-4 PH) is a phosphorus-hardened alloy that combines extraordinarily high strength with excellent corrosion resistance. This alloy's typical chemistry is comprised of 15-17.5% chromium, 3-5% copper, 3-5% nickel, 3-5% manganese, 0.7% max carbon, and 1% max silicon. Phosphorus is not exceeding 0.04%, while the sulfur content is strictly 0.03%. Besides, it also has Niobium and Tantalum which help in raising the hardness of the precipitation. AISI 632 is preferred in diverse industries such as aerospace, oil-drilling, and chemical processing since it possess strong traits and can withstand corrosion.

AISI 632 Stainless Steel
Elements C Mn Si Cr Ni P S Mo Al
Min (%) - - - 14.00 6.5 - - 2.0 0.75
Max (%) 0.09 1.00 1.00 16.0 7.75 0.04 0.03 3.0 1.5

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