Aluminium Alloy 3003 Chemical Composition, Grade, Table and Pdf

Aluminum Alloy 3003, which is one of the most familiar and useful alloys, is noted for its exceptional corrosion resistance and ease of forming. Comprised mainly of aluminum, but with just a little bit of manganese, it is quite strong yet convenient to work with. Its chemical composition mainly consists of 0.12% copper, 1.2% manganese, and 98.6% aluminum. The firmed wound (Grade 3003) can be used by various industries including architecture, construction and packaging because of its versatility and its durability. It is frequently employed in wafer, brazing, cooking utensils, and signage production processes. Engineers and designers tend to utilize it for the ease of adopting the fabrication and weldability quality of the material. Unlike other alloys that have higher strength but are unable to endure the elements, its capability to resist corrosion places it in a superior range for outdoor applications. For details, please consider manufacturer descriptions or PDF files pertaining to the product specifications and industry standards.

Aluminium Alloy 3003 Chemical Composition And Grade Table

Aluminium alloy 3003 are a commonly applied product that are appreciated because of their outstanding corrosion resistance and productability. Its chemical composition is usually to 98.6% of aluminum component and together with the minor percentages of copper (0.05-0.20%), manganese (1.0-1.5%), also trace amounts of other elements. In construction, the most common used alloy is frequently employed in different equipment such as cooking utensils, heat exchangers, and packaging materials thanks to its convenient characteristics. Grading Tables per Aluminum Alloy 3003 conveys all the needed information accurately, including mechanical properties, tolerances and surface finishes, helping the producers and engineers in using this alloy optimally.

Aluminium Alloy 3003 Composition Table
Elements Aluminum, Al Manganese, Mn Copper, Cu
Min (%) - - -
Max (%) 98.6 1.2 0.12

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