AISI 3135 Nickel Chromium Steel Chemical Composition & Properties, Grades, Table and PDF Online

AISI 3135 low-alloy steel is a nickel-chromium family member with the strongest strength and highest corrosion resistance among other products. Its chemical composition may contain 1.65-2.00% nickel, 0.45-0.65% chromium, 0.15-0.30% carbon along with other alloying elements like manganese silicon, and sulfur uniformly distributed throughout the metal log. This alloy with the top-notch physical characteristics which have been proven through extensive tests, such as good strength, great toughness and higher fatigue resistance, that makes it a widely used material in the aerospace, automotive and civil engineering. AISI 3135 comes in a whole range of grades designed to meet different purposes, and every grade is characterized with its rather unique features derived from varying compositions and heat treatment. Extensive tables and pdf documents dealing with the grades and properties of the material are accessible online from which engineers and metallurgists benefits.

AISI 3135 Nickel Chromium Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

AISI 3135 is one type of nickel chromium steel, which is known because of its high strength and defense against rusting. Its chemical composition in general, also contains 0.38% carbon and manganese 0.50-0.80%, 0.60%, chromium 0.40-0.60%, silicon 0.15-0.30%, and a trace amount of other elements per unit. This opportunity grade is generally necessary in applications that require high tensile strength, for example, in gear production, automotive components, and shafts. Thanks to its unique combination of properties, high strength, durability, and workability, it can be used in demanding environments where reliability and durability are vital. AISI 3135 string patterns meet with diverse international standards in guaranteeing uniformity and reliability.

AISI 3135 Alloy Steel Composition Table
Elements Fe Carbon, C Silicon, Si Manganese, Mn Chromium, Cr Nickel, Ni Phosphorus, P Sulfur, S
Min (%) - 0.33 0.2 0.6 0.55 1.1 - -
Max (%) Balance 0.38 0.35 0.8 0.75 1.4 ≤ 0.040 ≤ 0.040

Advantages and Disadvantages of AISI 3135 Nickel Chromium Steel


  • Heat Treatable: Heating improves hardness and strength.

  • Good Wear Resistance: Resists wear and dust effectively.

  • High Toughness: Maintains hardness even after heat treatment.

  • Machinability: Reported to have good machinability in heat-treated condition.


  • Susceptible to Decarburization: Surface deterioration possible during heat treatment.

  • Limited Weldability: Increased carbon content increases tendency to crack during welding.

  • Cost: Higher cost compared to some low-alloy steel grades.

  • Hardenability Issues: Requires strict control in heat treatment for optimal properties.

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