AISI 410S Martensitic Stainless Steel Chemical Composition Properties, Grades, Tables and Pdf

AISI 410S is an easily machinable low-carbon stainless steel that has remarkable corrosion resistance with extreme temperature strength. Its chemical structure includes typically 11.5 to 13.5% chromium. Such a concentration makes it highly resistant to corrosive processes occurring under mild, dry, and low-temperature air conditions, as well as in saturated steam and mild chemical environments. Besides, the aluminum low carbon content(0.08% max) improves its weldability and lowrises the risk of sensitization when under prolonged high temperatures. AISI 410S range of products are applied in different industries such as the auto, construction, and kitchen tools industries. These properties, such as good formability and machinability with a medium level of corrosion resistance, are among the best for the industry. More detailed information can be found in a high-definition chart and PDF file that will demonstrate the different mechanical properties, grades, and chemical compositions.

AISI 410S Martensitic Stainless Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

AISI 410S is low-carbon, non-hardenable martensitic stainless steel having a corrosion resistance and high strength that is second to none. Its chemical composition is made up of 11.5% - 13.5% chromium that boosts its corrosion resistance, especially when exposed to salt air, fresh water, steam, and some mild chemicals. The low carbon contents (below 0.08%) are combined with enhanced weldability as opposed to Standard 410 stainless steel. ISI 410S stands out with his usage in industries such as automobile, construction, and kitchen equipments production. Its grade table features its range of applications as durable and resistant to corrosion in demanding bodily functions.

AISI 410S Martensitic Stainless Steel
Elements Fe Cr Mn Si C P S
Min (%) - - - - - - -
Max (%) 85 12.5 1 1 0.080 0.040 0.030

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