CR025A DXP Copper Alloy Chemical Properties, Grades, Table and Document

CR025A DXP copper is known for its grade-specific selective chemical composition and complete matching specifications, also available in rich chart and PDF files. This material possesses a composition with a refined consistency which meets the high industrial standards for all areas of the application array. Users can determine this grade of the product based on the copper content detailed in the grade classifications. One can then match and select a particular property of the copper for their specific purpose. This is the power of chemicals to blend together into an eco-friendly roofing product, able to be used with right decision-making while keeping the chemical composition in mind. CR025A DXP copper, with its chemical constituents, grades, and assistance supplements, is engineered to be a vital part of building structure, including electrical, architectural, and industrial, for engineers, architects, and producers to use in their pursuits of outstanding projects.

CR025A DXP Coppers Chemical Composition And Grade Table

The CR025A DXP copper family combines chemical composition of the copper with its deeply thought out balance in order to make it ready for different applications. These coppers system that define the exact grade specifications for cars of the highest durability and reliability. Their composition along the whole production step is coupled with military standard specifications, providing high reliability in terms of strength, conductivity, and corrosion resistance. In its name, every part of the CR025A DXP that works with electrical wiring, in heat exchange, or in architectural elements, it has the suitable quality and grade, meaning that they are high in demand across many industries.

CR025A DXP Copper Composition Table
Elements Cu P
Min (%) - 0.015
Max (%) 99.90 0.04

The Advantages and Disadvantages of CR025A DXP Copper Material Properties, CR025A DXP Properties


  • Superior conductivity: CR025A DXP copper combines high conductivity of electricity and improves productivity in various industrial and technological products.

  • High ductility: It is probably its malleability that makes it perfect for designs that are hard and confusing, and also as far as its manufacturing processes are concerned.

  • Corrosion resistance: The protection against corrosion that conferred on the material, it meant the component would last for long time and remain useful even in hostile environments.

  • Thermal conductivity: CR025A DXP cooper does the function of removing heat. The reducing the heating up of circuit components and extending the life of component of CR025A DXP copper.

  • Recyclability: Facilitating recycling and therefore conservation, CR025A DXP is an important component of sustainability, hence lessening the environmental impact.


  • Costly: CR025A DXP copper has got the footprint of more costing than some other products in consequence of the total budget of being reduced in the projects.

  • Oxidation susceptibility: The material may get chipped away from oxidation, so the material will need to be applied to it and coated over to protect it from deterioration.

  • Weight: Its weight could be dense like that of certain objects, making the parts of the container heavier and the transportation of those parts more difficult.

  • Work hardening: The CR025A DXP copper could work harden during the shaping processes, the annealing process then necessary to regain the ductility.

  • Limited availability: As copper moved to CR025A DXP scheme, there was a possibility of delay in supply. Due to this the lead time in procuring the commodity and the manufacturing program might have been delayed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chemical of composition of CR025A DXP copper?

The signature of the chemical composition usually contains the large percentage of the copper and traces of other elements, e.g. phosphorus.

Are there any different grades available for CR025A DXP copper?

Of course, various grades are available and they differ in terms of the intended application and desired level of performance.

Is there a chart depicting the thermal conductivity values for the DHP copper?

You are usually able to get a property chart in technical specification sheets given by the manufacturer or seller.

Is there a PDF available for the CR025A DXP copper specifications?

Indeed, these companies present on their websites datasheets consisting of technical characteristics of CR025A DXP copper.

What main application is there for CR025A DXP copper carrying current?

One of the most common applications is plumbing, electrical wiring, heat exchangers and a lot of different industrial uses.

CR025A DXP copper how is it compared to other copper alloys?

CR025A DXP copper performs similarly to many copper alloys, however it may have some distinct benefits or sacrifices when applications vary.