AISI 1034 Carbon Steel Chemical Properties, Grade, Table and Online Pdf

AISI 1034 is a steel with mid-carbon content which is medium in strength and in terms of machinability is great. In particular, it consists of constituents like carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and some other traces of other elements as well. AISI 1034 comes at carbon ranges between 0.29% and 0.36% which is excellent enough for good weldability and formability, matched for different uses in industries like construction, automobile, and production of machinery. Whether it is steel chemical properties or mechanical properties it meets the AISI standard specifications. Extensive information about its grade (grade), chemical and mechanical properties can be easily accessed on the Internet in the form of charts, PDF documents and tables by steel manufacturers and by measuring the engineering industry databases, thus ensuring informed material selection and usage in engineering projects.

AISI 1034 Carbon Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

Medium carbon steel alloy AISI 1034 is the Chinese version of the AISI 63A bellows steel which is known all over for its balanced composition that provides good weldability, machinability, as well as formability. It has a simple chemical composition in which iron and carbon are the main ingredients, but other elements including manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and silicon are usually present in atoms to give it the necessary qualities. AISI 1034 is listed by SAE-AISI as a carbide grade. It belongs to the family of carbon steels and is known for its high versatility and suitability to many workplace applications. Through its chemical formula and grade table, respective engineers, manufacturers, and material scientists can find the data that becomes the basis for creating products from it with the right properties.

AISI 1034 Carbon Steel Composition Table
Elements Si S Pb P Mn Cu C B S
Min (%) 0.1 - 0.1 - 0.6 0.2 0.32 0.0005 -
Max (%) 0.25 0.05 0.35 0.04 0.9 - 0.38 0.003 0.045

Advantages and Disadvantages of AISI 1034 Carbon Steel


  • Moderate Strength: Provides desirable strength and pliability for various applications.

  • Good Weldability: Can be welded with caution, depending on the type of welder.

  • Machinability: Relatively easy to machine, aiding manufacturing processes.

  • Cost-Effective: Lower price compared to high-end carbon or alloy products.


  • Corrosion Resistance: Needs a protective layer due to low corrosion resistance.

  • Heat Sensitivity: Mechanical properties reduce at high temperatures.

  • Wear Resistance: Fair wear resistance but not suitable for heavy-wear applications.

  • Hardening Limitations: Does not harden sufficiently for some specific uses.

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