UNS C72150 Copper Nickel Chemical Composition Properties, Grades, Table and Online Pdf

UNS C72150 is usually mentioned to be a copper-nickel alloy that exhibits outstanding resistance to corrosion, especially in maritime environment. It features a composed of around 71% copper and 29% nickel alloy which makes it to possess excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability. The saltwater corrosion resistance of these alloys is a significant characteristic which is often used for marine hardware, heat exchangers and condensers where resistance to corrosion is an important quality. Among the most commonly used steel grades is the carbon steel. Its grade is widely used for its remarkable strength and durability that makes it suitable for several industrial purposes. A comprehensive chemical composition table and detailed properties can be found in pdf versions on trustworthy online resources located which work is designed to help design engineers and manufacturers in choosing the appropriate alloy for particular applications.

UNS C72150 Copper Chemical Composition And Grade Table

Copper alloy UNS C72150 has increased thermal conductivity and corrosion immunity. By its chemical composition, i.e., 85-89% of copper, 9-11% of nickel, and 1-2% of silicon, it usually consists. The composition of this alloy is the reason for its high strength and excellent machine-ability, which makes it suitable for many things, such as electrical connectors, heat exchangers, and marine parts. This guarantees excellent solderability and brazability. Besides that UNS C72150 shows excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking as per the application in severe surroundings as well. Its multi-property-ness makes it as much the preferred material for the most demanding industrial and marine applications where reliability and performance matter.

UNS C72150 Copper Composition Table
Elements Cu Pb Zn Fe Ni C Mn Si
Min (%) - - - - 43.0 - - -
Max (%) Rem 0.05 0.20 0.10 46.0 0.10 0.05 0.50

The Advantages and Disadvantages of UNS C72150 Copper Material Properties, C72150 Properties


  • High Electrical Conductivity: C72150 copper has unique electrical conductivity which makes it perfect for electric conductors and wires.

  • Good Thermal Conductivity: In addition to it, the material also has high thermal conductivity, which enables heat removal or addition in elements like heat exchangers and cooling systems.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Copper under these conditions features outstanding corrosion resistance and is able to deal with such acidic as well as alkaline environments rather efficiently.

  • Machinability: This copper alloy, which is relatively easy to machine, makes the shaping and production of components with high precision possible.

  • Antimicrobial Properties: Copper in UNS C72150 is naturally antimicrobial. Therefore, the alloy is ideal for use in areas where hygiene matters the most, like the health care setting.


  • Cost: Copper, UNS C72150 in particular, may be costlier than metals like aluminum and steel for a given project, and this will affect the overall cost of the project.

  • Softness: Copper as compared to other metals is relatively soft, so it becomes more prone to deterioration and damage in certain conditions.

  • Weight: Copper is considerably denser than most other common metals, leaving this material with much higher weight for the components made out of it.

  • Oxidation: Copper is subject to oxidation which occurs only gradually, leading to a patina or tarnish of the surface. This could compromise its visual appearance within aesthetic applications.

  • Limited Strength: Although UNS C72150 copper possesses good mechanical properties, it might not be the strongest material and this is against its use in critical applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chemical components that make up UNS C72150?

The composition of the UNS C72150 usually involves 95-100% copper (Cu) with nickel (Ni) and other alloying components of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn).

What are the properties of the UNS C72150 Alloy?

UNS C72150 has a high corrosion resistance and good tensile strength with excellent thermal conductivity.

What gradings are available for UNS C72150?

UNS C72150 happens to be a product of the market in a variety of different grades and types, which may suit a particular application requirement.

Is there an online PDF version of USN C72150 specifications?

Of course, websites with UNS C72150 specs can be traced directly from reliable sources including product manufacturers, technical authorities, or engineering societies.