AISI 1044 Carbon Steel Chemical Composition, Grades, Table and Online Pdf

AISI 1044 carbon steel product is noted for having a moderate strength as well as for being a good quality material for machining. Carbon is usually the main ingredient of this chemical compound with the concentration being around 0.40-0.47% while manganese is the next prominent substance, which ranges from 0.60-0.90%. The third ingredient would be phosphorus with a small percentage being 0.04% and the last one would be sulfur, whose share is 0.05 Its composition balance is what makes AISI 1044 have great weldability and formability, right? Hence, it can fit in different industrial appurtenances which comprise of gears, shafts, bolts, and studs among others. The AISI 1044 metal is then grouped under medium carbon steel, which is a good stage of doing well in both strength and ductility properties. Engineers and manufacturers frequently consult specified details from tables, chart and online PDF files for a comprehensive list AISI 1044 when deciding which aspects of the material and performance will be in their projects.

AISI 1044 Carbon Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

AISI 1044 carbon steel is a medium carbon steel which has been gained a good reputation for its high tensile strength and hardness. Idiomatic expression is usually composed of elements such as carbon 0.42 - 0.50%, manganese 0.60 - 0.90%, phosphorus 0.040%, and sulfur 0.050%. Also, the composition involves silicon fragments besides the other metals. This alloy grade is commonly used in those applications where weight is not as important as the toughness and the wear resistance and such things as gears, shafts, and machinery parts are exactly the ones that come to mind. Through correct heat treatment, AISI 1044 stands a chance to reach the optimal mechanical properties capable of satisfying the needs of the principle industries.

AISI 1044 Carbon Steel Composition Table
Elements Fe Mn C S P
Min (%) - 0.3 0.43 - -
Max (%) Balance 0.6 0.5 0.05 0.04

Advantages and Disadvantages of AISI 1044 Carbon Steel


  • High Strength: Higher carbon content results in enhanced strength.

  • Hardness: Achieves high hardness with proper heat treatment.

  • Wear Resistance: Maintains surface integrity under constant rubbing action.

  • Structural Use: Suitable for applications with considerable structural demand.


  • Brittle Nature: Brittle with high carbon content, especially after heat treatment.

  • Poor Corrosion Resistance: Requires protection from elements that cause rust.

  • Difficult Machining: More difficult to machine due to higher hardness levels.

  • Welding Challenges: Needs pre- and post-welding heating to reduce cracking risk.

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