UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze Chemical Composition Properties, Grade, Chart and Document

UNS C86300 Manganese bronze is a Cu alloy of high strength which gains strength from the following mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Comprised of copper , manganese , and zinc , this material displays high wear resistance and withstandability, which allows stable operation under tough load and abrasive environments. The composition of this alloy is made up of 60% copper, 39.2% zinc and 0.8% manganese, which makes it easily machinable and weldable. Though it is costly compared to other raw materials, it is due to its high tensile strength and hardness that it is preferred for gears, bushings, bearings and other heavy-duty components. Additionally its composition which is in accord with ASTM B505 and ASTM B271 standards. Its excellent chemical composition goes along with its awesome properties, making it irreplaceable in so many industries of different fields.

UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze Chemical Composition And Grade Table

UNS C86300 refers to manganese bronze which is renowned for its superior strength, resistance to corrosion as well as wear respectively. Thus, it is applicable in many industries. Its chemicals makeup based on 60% copper, 30% zinc, 1% manganese is quite common. This provides the wheel with the ability to take a lot of strain and still have uniform properties of high tensile strength and hardness. The manganese along with the other alloying elements, gives it extends its life in corrosive situations by increasing its wear resistance. UNS C86300 is the most suitable material for the fabrication of heavyduty machine components, marine equipment and aerospace parts where one is sure to drive performance and extend the life of the machine.

UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze Composition Table
Elements Cu Zn Al Mn Fe Pb Sn
Min (%) 60.0 - 3.0 2.5 2.0 - -
Max (%) 68.0 25.0 7.5 5.0 4.0 0.2 0.2

The Advantages and Disadvantages of UNS C86300 Copper Material Properties, C86300 Properties


  • High Strength: The UNS C86300 alloy stands out for its excellent mechanical properties, providing a great fit for high-duty applications such as gears, bushings, and bearings.

  • Good Wear Resistance: The substance shows the best wear resistance that is significant for the parts that are being friction and mechanical stress.

  • Corrosion Resistance: It has strength to resist corrosion, especially in marine and industrial environments therefore suitable for marine hardware and pump components.

  • Machinability: The C86300 type of UNS is relatively strong and accurate when designing a part or a component of high complexity.

  • Dimensional Stability: The alloy prevents dimensional changes induced by temperature and load variations, remaining more robust throughout service life.


  • Cost: Unlike the standard copper alloys, it can be more expensive due to the usage of manganese and other alloying elements.

  • Limited Weldability: Welding UNS C86300 may be difficult to carry out and can require special methods and skills, therefore, making it unsuitable for other manufacturing processes.

  • Brittleness: Alongside the manganese effect, the brittleness may appear in some cases and become an imperfection for some applications that require high ductility and toughness.

  • Potential for De-zincification: In harsh environments, the zinc element present can wash out, possibly leading to corrosion of the alloy gradually, an operation called de-zincification.

  • Availability of Shapes: The range of possible forms and shapes may be narrow even than the typical copper alloy, which may result in less variety in search and manufacture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chemical composition of UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze?

UNS C86300 is a combination of copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), and small proportion of other alloying elements like aluminum (Al), iron (Fe), and zinc (Zn). The composition may be different according to the manufacturer’s specifications and application requirements.

How are the mechanical properties of UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze?

The mechanical properties of UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze comprise of high tensile strength, good wear resistance and moderate elongation and thus it is suitable for the applications like gears, bushings and bearings with heavy loads.

Where can I access papers which include information on UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze?

Documents that contain information about UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze may be found from various sources, including manufacturers' websites, technical databases, and standards organizations different.

Where is UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze most commonly used?

UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze finds its use in many areas requiring high strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, including marine hardware, pump components, valve bodies, bushes, and gears.