Zeron 100 Super Duplex Stainless Steel Chemical Composition & Properties, Grades, Charts and Online Pdf

Zeron 100 Super Duplex Stainless Steel is widely known for its exceptional ability to resist corrosion well as its mechanical properties and is, therefore, suitable for tremendously tough applications in various industries. It is a composite of chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and nitrogen and therefore, it gives outstanding resistance to the environmental factors like chloride stress and cracking. A two-phase microstructure in Zeron 100 shows superior strength and toughness even on significant temperatures in hard applications or in offshore drilling operations. Its grades observe ASTM standards and this brings about uniformity in performance and trustworthiness. The technical data forms which are presented as detailed charts and online portfolios, offer readers rich information on the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and application suitability. Engineers, designers, and material specifiers may therefore, make an informed choice for their projects, having been armed with the technical information.

Zeron 100 Super Duplex Stainless Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

Zeron 100 represents a super-duplex stainless steel with best-in-class corrosion resistance and high strength that is suitable for versatile applications including the oil and gas, chemical processing, and marine industries. In most cases, it is made of the mixture of various independent compounds including chromium, nickel, molybdenum, nitrogen and other elements, which attribute to its high quality. Zeron 100 meets different international requirements and classes, providing guaranty for quality and accuracy. Its composition and classification grades determine performance and the production period in severe working conditions.

Zeron 100 Super Duplex Stainless Steel
Elements Cr Ni Mo C W Cu N Mn Si P S Fe
Min (%) 24 6 3 - 0.5 0.5 0.2 - - - - -
Max (%) 26 8 4 0.3 1 1 0.3 1 1 0.030 0.010 Balance

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zeron 100 Super Duplex Stainless Steel


  • High strength: It is known to provide higher strength as compared to other category of stainless steel.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance: This type of coating has excellent and stable corrosion resistance in different solutions that contain chloride ions.

  • Good weldability: It is weldable using standard processes and techniques, and may be deposited with little change in its properties.

  • Good toughness: Appropriate hardiness evidenced from the test both at room temperature and at sub-zero temperature.


  • Cost: In general, they tend to be more costly than what is considered ‘regular’ or ‘run of the mill’ stainless steels.

  • Limited availability: Not as easily accessible as other types of stainless steels as described in the passage above.

  • Sensitivity to thermal expansion: Especially should it be noted that, during the fabrication of a part, it should be done with great care since distorted shapes could occur.

  • Susceptible to stress corrosion cracking: the possibility of stress corrosion cracking in certain environments exists and is most likely to occur at high temperatures.

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