AISI 1547 Carbon Steel Chemical Composition, Grades, Charts and Pdf

AISI 1547 is a medium carbon steel that is distinguished by its high mechanical strength and toughness, which offers the option to apply it in a wide range of applications both in the production and construction industries. The chemical composition of fertilizers vary from one type to another. A carrier element such as carbon has a content of 0.45% to 0.50%. It can be found in the manufacturing process for the making of gears, shafts, axles, and other components that need good abrasive strength and high fatigue strength. We provide several grades and heat treatment options that can be used to customize the mechanical properties of the material based on specific needs.The difference between the levels of steel reinforcement can be observed in the various grades of steel available in the construction industry. Customized charts and PDF files with up-to-date information about AISI 1547's mechanical properties, grades, and applications are available for download to support the effective selection of materials and for necessary engineering designs.

AISI 1547 Carbon Steel Chemical Composition And Grade Table

AISI 1547 range of carbon steel steels is renowned to its high strength and excellent wear resistance with those characteristics being of great use in areas where toughness and durability are key. Generally speaking, its physical structure consists of elements, e.g., carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur, phosphor and some alloying elements sometimes. AISI 1547, which is referred to AISI standard of American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) with provisions related to service class, material processing, and chemical composition. This steel grade table offers the required information on its composition grade for an engineer or the manufacturer to choose the right material for their projects.

AISI 1547 Carbon Steel Composition Table
Elements Iron, Fe Manganese, Mn Carbon, C Sulfur, S Phosphorous, P
Min (%) 97.75 1.35 0.43 - -
Max (%) 98.22 1.65 0.51 ≤ 0.050 ≤ 0.040

Advantages and Disadvantages of AISI 1547 Carbon Steel


  • High Machinability: Easy to machine, reducing production time and cost.

  • Good Wear Resistance: Suitable for applications requiring wear and abrasion resistance.

  • Moderate Strength: Provides desired strength with ductility for various uses.

  • Cost-effective: Relatively cheap compared to other alloy steels.


  • Limited Hardenability: Not suitable for applications requiring high degrees of hardening.

  • Susceptible to Corrosion: May require frequent maintenance to avoid rusting.

  • Lower Toughness: May not be suitable for impact or shock loading conditions.

  • Limited Alloying Options: Some alloying elements may be limited, restricting property development.

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