Tantalum UNS R05240 Chemical Composition, Grades, Charts and PDF Online

Tantalum UNS R05240 is celebrated for the fact that it is very resistant to corrosion and has a high temperature melting point. These features turn them into the key materials for multiple industries. Its chemical composition comprising mostly of the tauntanum with a tiny fraction of others, e.g. oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen. Therefore, these supplementary traits become the determining factors for the strength and outlook of these materials in different fields of application. A wide range of Tantalum UNS R05240 grades are available, ranging in purity as well as individual alloy chemical composition, to meet the industrial needs of different application areas. The existence of the appropriate graphics that give to the clients detailed charts of materials as much as its mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties enables the engineers and researchers to have an edge at the material selection and product design. Open PDF resources online provide comprehensive information on manufacturing principles, applications and procedures, and all of these will be useful in making the decisions in industrial projects.

Tantalum UNS R05240 Chemical Composition And Grade Table

The tantalum UNS type R05240 is a high purity grade of tantalum, dominantly used in vital applications where the resistance to corrosion and high heat is a necessary quality. Such material would be composed of 99.95% Ta with just some traces of impurities, which, as a result, would enhance working ability in more difficult of conditions due to theirs superiority. Its grade shows good mechanical properties thus, it can be suitable in applications in the aerospace, chemical processes, and electronics industries. This material in UNS R05240 series is very reputable for its reliability and life span. It gives the resistance you may need for challenging applications. This exceptional purity and precise composition among others, make it the optimal choice for specialized applications where the performance and reliability factors are of extreme importance.

Tantalum UNS R05240 Composition Table
Elements C O N H Fe Ti W Mo Si Ni Ta Nb
Min (%) - - - - - - - - - - - 35
Max (%) 0.01 0.02 0.01 0.0015 0.01 0.01 0.05 0.02 0.005 0.01 Remainder 42

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tantalum UNS R05240


  • High temperature strength: Good mechanical properties at high temperatures.

  • Excellent ductility: Can be formed into thin wires.

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion: Minimizes dimensional changes with temperature.

  • Good weldability: Suitable for various welding processes.


  • Lower corrosion resistance: Less resistant to aggressive chemicals.

  • Susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement: Vulnerable to weakening by hydrogen.

  • Limited availability: Availability may be restricted.

  • Costly processing: Manufacturing processes can be expensive.

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