UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze Chemical Composition & Properties, Grade, Tables and Document

UNS C65500 is a silicon bronze which has chromium, copper and manganese content making it, not only very corrosion resistant but also very strong. Primarily made of copper, silicon, and additional small components, it shows the enhanced properties of strength and durability and, thus, can be utilized in various applications. This composition normally contains around 96% copper, 3% silicon, and lesser amounts of iron, manganese, and zinc. It’s these features that make this alloy very durable and easy to be manufactured into certain shapes. It is used very often in marine conditions, in plumbers' work, as well as in electrical connectors, and archipelago buildings. Due to its properties tending towards high tensile strength, good thermal and electrical conductivity and an ability to withstand corrosion and wear, it is often used in the production of mechanical and electromechanical devices. Also, the detailed chemical composition and physical properties of UNS C65500 are provided in the standards like ASTM, SAE and others.

UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze Chemical Composition And Grade Table

Silicon Bronze UNS C65500 is a special silicon bronze type which has been designed to facilitate good corrosion resistance that makes that alloy useful in making pipes, composite trusses, underwater valves, connectors and airplane parts. The chemical composition of most bronzes revolves around the copper (Cu) element as the major element, as well as silicon (Si) and small amounts of zinc (Zn), iron (Fe), and lead (Pb). The bronze grade table represents a high copper content and with the silicon it brings to the table, it imparts strong resistance and wear to it. Its specially made composition guarantees high performance in varying environments no matter the engineering and construction projects which results in durability and long lifespan.

UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze Composition Table
Elements Si Zn Fe Ni Mn Pb Cu
Min (%) 2.8 - - - 0.50 - -
Max (%) 3.8 1.5 0.8 0.6 1.3 0.05 Rem

The Advantages and Disadvantages of UNS C65500 Copper Material Properties, C65500 Properties


  • High Strength: UNS C65500 a copper-aluminum alloy has the highest silicon content, making it very tough and robust.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Has good resistance to corrosion, particularly in marine surroundings.

  • Wear Resistance: Have a great ability to fight against wear, the components that are liable to the friction and scratching is perfect for this type.

  • Machinability: However, the fact that it could be easily processed would still create the impression.

  • Thermal Conductivity: The material has good heat conductivity, and this makes it useful in heat dissipation application.


  • Cost: Most of the times it is more expensive than other materials because it contains copper and silicon.

  • Limited Weldability: It may be more difficult to weld than other materials types.

  • Softening at High Temperatures: With respect to mechanical properties it may experience degradation at elevated temperatures.

  • Material Selection: Besides, other options may have attributes as effective as that of the other choices for a particular purpose.

  • Lead Content (potential): Some variants would be potentially containing lead and that could turn into environmental and health risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chemical composition of UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze?

UNS C65500 Copper Silicon Bronze contains between the main components copper (Cu), silicon (Si), and small amounts of zinc (Zn), tin (Sn), and lead (Pb). The composition is usually about 95% copper, 3% silicon, 1% zinc, with a small amount of tin and lead.

What are the specifications of UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze?

UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze has immense corrosion resistance, especially in marine setting. Additionally, it has good strength and wear resistance which makes it suitable for mechanical applications. It also has high machinability and solderably.

Which grade is UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze classified as?

Copper alloy UNS C65500 belongs to the group of wrought silicon bronzes that have been classified and have a designation. This alloy is commonly employed in marine hardware, fasteners, and architecture.

What are typical uses of the UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze?

The UNS C65500 Silicon Bronze find its application in the marine environments for example in boat propellers, marine hardware, and fasteners due to its good corrosion resistance. In addition to this, it can be used in architectural applications for decorative elements, sculptures and ornate fixtures. Moreover, it can be seen in different mechanical elements that require strength, wear resistance, as well as corrosion resistance.