Silicon Bronze Chemical Composition, Grade Chart, Tables and Documents

Silicon bronze, with a good reputation for its excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, is a chameleon alloy with multipurpose applications. Moreover, it is a compound of copper, silicon, and like zinc, tin, or lead, the percentage of which is less. Overall, silicon bronze are commonly available in three grades, namely C65500, C65100, and CDA 655. Moreover, they are of different grades that are made with different materials and hence they all have their desired properties which classify them for various uses in all industries. Identifying the grade chart as the base for picking the correct alloy in any given application is very crucial. Tables and paper versions of different formulas, mechanical properties and field of application for each grade of silicon bronze alloy are very useful to the engineers, manufacturers and designers who are working with and processing silicon bronze alloys.

Silicon Bronze Chemical Composition Table

Silicon brass may be used for making bolts by virtue of its density and ferrous content. This alloy primarily begins with copper and silicon and often adds small amounts of zinc, tin, and lead as other trace elements. Often the ratio embodies the following composition: copper 95%, silicon 4% and other trace materials. The presence of silicon makes a compound stronger and more fit for tasks like casting. Therefore, it is a best product to use in applications such as marine hardware, architectural features, and sculptures. The exact chemical composition must be understood in order to achieve expected features and functionality of the silicon bronze in different situations of application.

Silicon Bronze Composition Table
Element Percentage by Weight Typical Range (%) Maximum Allowable Impurity (%)
Copper (Cu) 95% min 94-96 -
Silicon (Si) 2-4% 1.5-4 -
Iron (Fe) 0.8% max 0.5-0.8 1.0
Zinc (Zn) 0.5% max 0.2-0.5 0.5
Lead (Pb) 0.05% max Trace - 0.05 0.1
Phosphorus (P) 0.35% max 0.2-0.35 0.5
Aluminum (Al) 0.05% max Trace - 0.05 0.1
Nickel (Ni) 0.05% max Trace - 0.05 0.1
Manganese (Mn) 0.05% max Trace - 0.05 0.1
Tin (Sn) 0.05% max Trace - 0.05 0.1
Sulfur (S) 0.02% max Trace - 0.02 0.05
Antimony (Sb) 0.02% max Trace - 0.02 0.05
Other Elements 0.5% max each Trace - 0.5 0.5

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