Incoloy Nickel-alloy Chemical Composition, Grade Chart, Tables and Documents

Incoloy has a name that means a collection of nickel-based superalloys that are very good in terms of combating high temperatures and corrosion. Sometimes containing nickel, chromium, iron, and other components such as molybdenum, copper, and titanium, it exhibits superb mechanical properties with a strong resistance in adverse operating conditions. The scale chart outlines a set of formulations for the different applications, such as marine environment or chemical plants, by listing the most suitable types and brands. Chemical composition formula of each of the grade is elaborated in the table and chart with accuracy of the material is ensuring precise material requirements for diverse industrial applications. Moreover, complementary documents include the physical, mechanical, and corrosion-resistance properties detailed, thereby helping the decision making process in the engineering and manufacturing fields.

Incoloy Nickel-alloy Chemical Composition Table

Incoloy, a set of superalloys, generally includes nickel, with the particular composition variations selected for particular uses in consideration. A more common nickel alloy is approximately 30-45% nickel in content, with up to 23% chromium, after which iron comes, and other elements with the respective amount of molybdenum, copper, and titanium play a much less significant role. On the other hand, these alloys possess superlative qualities in that they tend to be very resistant to oxidation, corrosion and high temperature environments, hence, they are very important in use cases such as marine engineering, aerospace and chemical processing. The precise formulations are a variable based on the property type required. The formula should be adjusted to strike the balance between strength, durability, and performance in harsh conditions.

Incoloy Nickel-alloy Composition Table
Composition Content Range Effect Typical Alloy
Nickel 9% ~ 55% Stabilize the Austenitic Structure
Corrosion Resistance
Incoloy 825
Iron 22% ~ 59% Save Cost Incoloy 832
Chromium 0% ~ 28.5% Oxidation Resistance Incoloy 890
Molybdenum 0% ~ 8% Reduction Resistance Incoloy 926
Aluminum 0% ~ 1.25% Strength
Corrosion Resistance
Incoloy 800
Incoloy 925
Titanium 0% ~ 2.5% Strength
Corrosion Resistance
Incoloy A-286
Niobium 0% ~ 4.5% Strength Incoloy 020
Incoloy 945
Copper 0% ~ 4% Corrosion Resistance Incoloy 825
Incoloy 020
Vanadium 0% ~ 0.5% Strength Incoloy A-286
Silicon 0% ~ 1.5% Oxidation Resistance Incoloy 330
Cobalt 0% ~ 17% Low Expansion Incoloy 909

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